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With my interest in keycaps growing, I felt the next natural step would be to try and get into the hobby of creating artisans myself. I had been thinking of committing for a while, having done the research on what needed to be done, I determined my first steps to get my feet wet would be to pick up a ~$ynth 2.1, some clay, & some tools. I had wanted to make a workstation in my basement for the sculpting, however, I used that as an excuse to not commit. A few nights ago, I was on Reddit just browsing /all as I was trying to relax and fall asleep when I came across a life pro tip that only had a quote, “If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives”. It was a revelation to me, almost like a fire was lit. My next goal is to continue to put my right side of the brain to work, try to strengthen my creativity and abilities in relation to my sculpts and skills. I had the idea to get a new keycap idea down on paper each day, and by the end of the week when I find my window of free time; try and sculpt the keycap that I liked the best. Upon talking with a few artisans, Binge gave me a few recommendations regarding an exercise that will help me develop some skills. The exercise consists of picking what I want to sculpt and getting there two ways; subtractive & additive. He also warned me about the dangers of casting with resin, giving examples of numerous health issues that have emerged from others not handling the resin properly or not knowing what they were getting themselves into. A few other tips were to make sure to not have any hooks or crannies on the sculpt where the resin could snag when it’s done curing; investing in the right equipment out of the gate to get a better end result, learning as you go.

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