Casting Progress

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The first attempt at casting resulted in a few discoveries. The first is that I had a leak in my pot somewhere, which was causing my compressor to keep kicking on to maintain pressure. My father suggested I add a ball valve to the input of my pot so I could isolate the pot from the compressor once it was pressurized. So I ordered another valve, and went back and threw more Loctite on everything to make sure I wasn’t losing any air threw my connectors. Another discovery I made was with my pot lid. It seems that the internal lining protector makes it difficult to get a good seal on the pot, so I took out the lining. My pot came with a long stem attached that goes pretty deep into the tank, so I consulted RGJ and he informed me that I could easily remove the stem. This frees up space I could use for a shelf which I will need since my last discovery was that it’s hard to get a nice level surface with all my molds.

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