Dell R710 VM Server

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Description Quantity Price
R710 LFF1 1 $199
Perc6i RAID 256MB w/ SAS cables + BBU
DVD ROM + Cord
870W PSU
iDRAC6 Enterprise w/ SD Reader
Trays for every HDD
2x Xeon E5520 for 8C / 16T at 2.27GHz
48GB (12 x 4GB ECC Reg)
1x 146GB 15K Dell SAS Hard Drive
H700 1 $80
R710 – Set of rails 1 $40
QLogic QLE8152 10G / 8G CNA 1 $30


I bought a Dell R710 with the following specs. Bought the H700 so I could throw in drives greater than 2TB, bought a set of rails to be able to mount the chassis into the server rack that I don’t own yet. The seller was offering a 10Gb NIC that I couldn’t pass up for $30. and I chose the LFF over the SFF because the bigger drives go on sale more often. After having purchased this device, I realized I should have done more planning. I originally had a 24 port edge switch but realized they don’t have SFP+ ports, and having spent the $30 on an additional NIC I’m determined to get 10Gb to my file server now. Having said that I still do not have a server rack although I bet I could get one in a pinch off craigslist. The one location in my house that makes sense for the server rack to go is a room adjacent to the laundry room – Currently the workbench room. The previous owners left us a workbench that has some outlets wired into it so removing the bench is a little more involved. I attached some photos of the outlets, but I will have to rewire the box. Before I re-wire and move where I want to move it I want to double check the output of these outlets also; make sure it’s wired correctly. After I do I can sawzall the bench out and free up so much more room for activities.

The pictures above show the wiring of the workbench.

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