Server Rack Acquired

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I was able to obtain an old server rack from work for the time being. I believe it’s around 20u’s so it should fit all my equipment. The Dell R710 has been shipped and I’m currently talking to someone about a 48 port PoE switch from Ubiquiti. Next steps are to disconnect electrical from the workbench, sawzall it all up and haul it upstairs.

A shipment of light bulbs I ordered off Amazon came today. I was able to swap out 10 light-fixtures with new LEDs, hopefully saving some money in the long run. UPDATE: After I installed all the LED I found that the light color I purchased was incorrect & I have a light fixture that wants to flicker. Having invested a lot of time & money into these lights I will say I’m disappointed & won’t be purchasing any more lights from SUNCO anymore.

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