Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 48 Port PoE 10Gb Network Switch

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If you saw my recent post, you can see that I purchased a 48 Port Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch. The reason for this purchase was I knew I recently took part in a setting up a new building for Ethernet & I was impressed with the ease of use and the power for the price. I managed to pick up a used switch for only $349 dollars vs the shelf price of $775.32 The 48 port switch is the only one that offers sfp+ ports and with the purchase of my r710 I was able to get a 10gb card for it. With PoE I will be able to hardwire some cameras and not worry about running cabling for power – same can be said for my access points which I plan on stealing purchasing. I haven’t touched the switch beside mounting it in the rack; I figured I would wait till I could get my r710 up and running to throw the Unifi controller on a Debian VM.

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