Ubiquiti Beta Hardware & The Chain of Events.

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Ubiquiti Beta Forums had a thread where you could sign up. The people who signed up were said to receive one of two switches; the 24 port PoE or the 48 port PoE ($400 & $750). The 48 port also features a 10gb SFP+ port which would allow me to swap my 48 port Edgeswitch out for other equipment.

Priority Task Price Paid Diff Link
C EdgeRouter 4 $150.00 $150.00 -150.00 https://goo.gl/BXV77z
B EdgeSwitch 48 PoE SFP+ $779.94 $350.00 -429.94 https://goo.gl/xg48Ka
B Flipped ES-48-500W $500.00 $350.00 -150.00
B Unifi Switch 48 PoE SFP+ $779.94 $0.00 -779.94
B Erlite-3 $100.00 $0.00 -100.00
B Flipped Erlite-3 $100.00 $0.00 -100.00
C USG-PRO-4 $260.00 $260.00 +260.00
Ubiquiti sent me a BETA US-48-500W, and that allowed me to do some things (poorly captured with the table).Around the same time, I was able to acquire an Erlite-3 which is why I crossed off the EdgeRouter 4.The Edgeswitch I purchased I was able to flip for 500$ leaving me a profit of $150. Since I got the Unifi switch, I wanted to sell the Erlite-3 for a USG-PRO-4 to keep all the hardware with the same line; I didn’t feel like segmenting Edge and Unifi lines. I was able to sell the Erlite-3 after a few weeks for $100.00 since I sold it with the rackmount kit.
If I analyze my spending against my budget, I saved money by flipping the switch, getting a switch for free, getting a router for free, and selling that router. I spent 260 on the USG-PRO-4 that wasn’t budgeted. I calculate to $870 savings after everything is flipped around.

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