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A Reddit user by the name of Mr_Brewballs, created some awesome looking keycaps.

The keycap is called Hobbit Hole, and the process to acquire one was to apply for a (free) raffle.

100 people were selected off this raffle and given the opportunity to purchase one.


I was lucky enough to get into the raffle, which happened to fall on my birthday. I personally was interested in this keycap because of the Lord of the Ring theme. My endgame keyboard is going to be SA profile keycaps with elvish text on them. To my knowledge, there are two keysets with elvish and only one with SA profile, however, the quality seems pretty poor. I am holding out, but I would like to start obtaining some Lord of the Rings artisans as it’s my interest.

The keycap is high quality. The first thing that caught my attention was the build quality and material it’s made of. The paint job is perfect and there is no bleeding or tearing. After sending a few PM’s back and forth it’s clear that MR_Brew knows what he’s talking about.

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