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This is where the house and tech meet. I am looking to upgrade my internal network & figured if I’m going to I might as well future proof it. Parts are listed along with the priority (set in stages).

Stage A: I would like to pick up a Dell R710 for spinning up some VMS. I plan on spinning up server 2012 or 2016 to recreate a domain environment so I can mess around AD, GPO, DNS, DHCP, & Veeam. I also put a Server Rack as a priority A because I would like to have everything rack mounted for my following projects. I figure I don’t need a 40U+ rack but something in the upper teens & twenties. I have CLIST listed for the price as I will probably just find something cheap on craigslist that fits my requirement. While I believe the server rack is important, they’re all standardized and they will get the job done. Price: $698.95

Stage B: EdgeSwitch 48 PoE, as this one is the entry level switch with SFP+ and dee p packet inspection. The 48 Patch panel port is for a clean rack. I have had very good luck with Unifi AP’s in my business environment & have one 2.4 hz one currently setup in my house; I would upgrade to the 5hz channels & I figure 2 would be sufficient but I’m going for overkill. Cat6a spool so I can run my own wire & have it future proof for 10Gb speeds. The ends, & boots are needed to make the ethernet the right way. The keystone jacks & faceplates are for having ethernet jacks in the wall; rather than have a wire just come out of a hole & directly into my tv. Plus that gives me some room to re-punch if I ever needed to. Price: $1,701.79

Stage C: I would want to swap my router out to enable a deep packet inspection on my network as I really like that functionality with Ubiquiti. I put this under C as It’s not necessary for the network, just a little-added function. The modem would be if my town decided they wanted an ISP to provide anything faster than 60mbps since the current one I have is only rated for ~170mbps. Price: $285.00

Stage D: Lastly is the R510 12 bay storage server – again not needed but I want to eventually have an offsite backup for my work or friends. I am looking to throw Freenas 11 on it to play around with ZFS. Price: $500.00

Priority Task Price Total Link
A Server Rack $298.95 CLIST $298.95 https://goo.gl/UH7XWT
A R710 VM Server $300 $300 https://goo.gl/7fPFRw
B EdgeSwitch 48 PoE SFP+ $779.94 $779.94 https://goo.gl/xg48Ka
B Patch Panel 48Port $181.86 $181.86 https://goo.gl/xZXMYb
B Unifi Ac-Ap-Pro $120-130 $360 https://goo.gl/gykjq3
B Cat6a 1000ft $229.99 $229.99 https://goo.gl/TiQi9V
B RJ45 Ends 100 $12.99 $26.00 https://goo.gl/6mkynC
B RJ45 rubber boots 100 $6.99 $14.00 https://goo.gl/eZ4nkR
B Cat6a Keystone $24.99 per 6 $50.00 https://goo.gl/WjtGFC
B Keystone faceplate $10.00 $60.00 https://goo.gl/H2T1Qm
C Edge-Lite $96.00 $96.00 https://goo.gl/pNbcL1
C Surfboard Modem $189.00 $189.00 https://goo.gl/yKvVzV
D R510 12 Bay Storage Server $500 $500 https://goo.gl/6Q7dCA

Overall the price of the stages will cost $3,085.74


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