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When I first constructed my battle station, I had planned to purchase these two items for my Blue Yeti Microphone. When I got it, my funds had dried up a little bit and I couldn’t afford the 150$ for the boom arm and shock mount so I left the blue yeti unmounted. Having thrown all the money at the workstation left me unsatisfied due to the missing components & after a year I walked into a few Amazon gift cards after Christmas that allowed me to complete my battle station. I picked up the Rode PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm & the Blue Radius II Microphone Shock Mount

Features include:

  • 2 mounting solutions for the rod. (Drill through & desk clamp.)
  • Spring loaded
  • Blue Yeti weight support
  • Cable management
  • Sound/Vibration absorption

Having done a lot of research prior to making the purchase, this rod is for heavier microphones.

Market Advantage: 
The spring loaded arm allows for a heavier microphone as it can resist the weight. You can see in the picture, that it’s extended pretty far out and still stays in place. The installation has a desk clamp in case you have a glass desk like mine & are unable to make a hole in the desk (easily).

Useful Information:

  • Black, one color
  • Cable management color included.


  • Poor installation instructions (Proper way to run cables? how to mount?)
  • Price – Even though it’s the only heavy-duty microphone, it’s still on average 5 times more expensive then it’s competitors.

Final Judgement:

I got the mount and shock to negate some of my heavy topre typing sounds for my friends. I would recommend the mount and shock to anyone who is picking up a blue yeti for sure.

Additional Pictures:


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