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I had the idea of putting movie posters in our home theatre room for a very long time, but it was something that I never pulled the trigger on because I viewed it as an unnecessary expense. Christmas time this year presented me with the opportunity to get a few of these SnapZo Movie Poster Frames for $60.

Features include:

  • Very easy hardware installation (4 screws).
  • Easy poster installation.
  • Anti-glare film protectant.

This product is for anyone who is looking to get a nice looking mount for a good price. I had all three frames mounted and posters installed in less than 20 minutes.

Market Advantage: 
The unique advantage that this frame has over the others is how user-friendly it is. the side frames are hinged, so you can just pull up on the frame and it will open, allowing an easy install of your poster.

Useful Information:

  • $60 on Amazon
  • They make different size frames, standard is 27 x 40 for cinema size movie posters.


  • Price (Imo)

Final Judgement:

Overall I am very happy with this product, I plan on purchasing another one for my empty wall space. The convenience made it too easy to not pick these up in the future.

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