SA Portland & NIZ Plum 108

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I purchased a NIZ Plum 108 key after I attempted to trade for one. The one I got from the trade wasn’t functioning correctly, about one out of every 5 keystrokes wouldn’t register. For my keyboard I wanted an SA keyset with a red / white / black based theme, so I was looking at the ones below.

SA Ashen

SA Portland

SA Taboo


So after having found these sets, I gravitated toward the SA Taboo. I started my search, but right away found that only 100 of these sets were made. I sent PM’s to around 10 people on mech market and around 9 responded with a “No not available, or the sets were already sold.” One person responded that it was their favorite set, but they did happen to have an SA Portland for sale, so I decided to go with that. A day later the 10th person responded saying that they were willing to sell the SA Taboo set, :/.

Long story short, I am very happy with my new keyboard and keyset, and have been searching for keycaps to match. I have decided to attempt to acquire the ghost of christmas cast colorway keycaps from just another keymaker.

Here are more pictures.

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