Uruk-Hai/Durotan Keycap

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Craftkey created a few new keycaps modeled after Durotan. ”

New series Keycap
made by Craftkey . Coming soon in this week .Open Group buy on 28th Jan 2018.

We are big fans of the fantasy world from Tokien’s Middle earth to Blizard’s warcraft world, our childhood immersed in that world, the world of magic, the world of warriors and the world of sacrifice and courage, and we know that not only us, the fans of warcraft or The Lord of The Ring are around the world.2017, Blizard and Universal bring World of Warcraft to the worldwide screen, we are very impressed with the character and the Orc generation in the film as Dorutan, Doom hammer, Gul’dan. . . . And why not bring those character to our keyboard? haha We have embraced this project since the beginning of the keycap, and here we will introduce the first character from the world of warcraft starting with the Orc, the clan of the great warriors, the clan of pride. and courage. Dorutan, the son of Garad, he was the patriarch of the Frostwolf clan, husband of Draka, father of the great son Thrall, best friend of Orgrim Doomhammer-Great Orc leaderIf you’re a fan of the Warcraft game, this is definitely you will know this character. Based on the Warcraft movie version, we tried to create the dorutan hero by hand on the wax, refining Dorutan’s most impressive thing on a keycap!We want to bring this product to the fans of the world of warcraft and those who love the keycap impressed and interesting, with us bring the world of warriors and magical magic on our keyboard”Here lies Durotan , first Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, and father of our honored Warchief, Thrall. He was the bravest of our kind – betrayed by those who would see our people enslaved. Durotan gave his life that our freedom might be gained. We honor him and the legacy he passed onto us through his son. “Drek’Thar, Far Seer of the Frostwolves #warcraft #craftkey #sonofgarad#chiefanofthefrostwolfclan#warrior#frostwolfclan #oldhorde #keycap#mechanicalkeyboard #artisankeycaps #artisan#handmade”

When I first saw this specific keycap I thought it would be perfect to represent the Uruk-Hai.


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