CAT6A Patch Cable Installation

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THX Custom Installations were nice enough to help me do a few cable pulls (Four to be exact). We did two runs from the two faceplates upstairs – The first one was run to the TV, and a second at the bottom in case we have some playback device in the future (or an Xbox).


I gave myself a little extra cable and wrapped it in a service loop in case I have to make any changes or a few changes down the road. The second picture is the four runs pulled through the front of my server rack.

This was the first time I had patched CAT6A cable, and was surprised at how thick the wire is; from everything I read online, there was an emphasis on grounding the wires. The first picture shows the foil coat & the second shows all four cables terminated, grounded, and zip tied for cable management.

I re-racked the patch panel and installed the patch cables. I was excited to see the US-48-500W light up and I knew everything went smoothly, I was fearing to have to do rework on the faceplates or the patch panel terminations. The second picture is Unifi’s deep packet inspection on the Tv & the third is the Tv itself showing a wired connection.

Here are the product links I used:

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