The Silmarillion Read-Along

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There is a read-along for tolkien’s book the Silmarillion. I was able to buy the book on ebay for $4.

Introduction to the Silmarillion Read Along / New Readers’ Guide from TheSilmarillion

They just came out with the schedule for the read along as well.

The Silmarillion Read Along Megathread from tolkienfans

Introduction to the Silmarillion Read-Along / New Readers’ Guide

A note about the preface written by Tolkien

Book 1 The Ainulindalë

Week 1: March 1st

Book 2 Valaquenta

Week 2: March 5th

Book 3 The Quenta Silmarillion

Week 3a: March 12th | Chapters 1 – 4

Week 3b: March 16th | Chapters 5 – 7

Week 4a: March 19th | Chapters 8 – 11

Week 4b: March 23rd | Chapters 12 – 15

Week 5a: March 26th | Chapters 16 – 18

Week 5b: March 29th | Chapter 19

Week 6a: April 2nd | Off

Week 6b: April 6th | Chapters 20 – 21

Week 7a: April 9th | Chapters 22 – 24

Week 7b: April 13th | Off

Book 4 The Akallabêth

Week 8a: April 16th | Part 1 The first half-ish

Week 8b: April 20th | Part 2 The second half-ish

Book 5 Rings of Power & the Third Age

Week 9: April 23rd


This time frame is subject to change based on the availability of the leaders, and feedback from the readers. We put a lot of thought as to the balance of fast & slow readers and broke up the chapters that made the most sense being together.”

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