Hulk Smash!

I came across the perfect give to any nerd having a child. The clothes scream, “my parents love me”. Here is the link to Amazon

Hyperfuse Origins

Hyperfuse origins is on sale 2/22/2018 at 11:00 AM CST. An interesting part of the pre-order is this Artisans: BRO CAPS NIGHTCAPS GAF We are pleased to announce a collaboration for this sale with three artisans from the community: Bro Caps, GAF Caps and Nightcaps.  All of which have come … Continue readingHyperfuse Origins

Seagate Ironwolves

Seagate recently had a Reddit post regarding their results from a group buy interest thread. I made a comment on that thread here which basically resulted in me getting two 8TB Seagate drives. I haven’t received them yet, so I am unsure if they will be ironwolf’s or … Continue readingSeagate Ironwolves

Falcon Heavy

Official Press Release SpaceX is attempting to launch a car in space & reland the rockets that take it up there. Watch the stream here!  

Parcel Monitor is a website that I recently came across. It has the ability to send you email notifications anytime something happens with any one of your shipments. It has almost every carrier so you can track your USPS, UPS, FedEx, China Express, & DHL shipments … Continue readingParcel Monitor

Keyboard Generator

I have been hanging out in the mechanical keyboard discord channel and one of the users posted a link to a keyboard generator. I mocked up a keyset I would buy as an example, but all you have to do is generate a .json file at … Continue readingKeyboard Generator


There was a reddit post here over on /r/linux linking to SSH TRON Click the photo for the website!