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A few months ago I was able to acquire the lifetime plex pass subscription for $75. One of the perks with plex pass that I wanted to try out was the live TV | DVR as a way to cut cable bills. I picked up one of those Mohu antennas

along with a HDhomerun tuner.

The most difficult part was running the coax cable from my attic which is where my antenna was installed, through my bedroom closet and into the basement where my homelab resides. That process went smoother than expected and I was done with the hardware installation within an hour. After scanning my channels I walked to my Vizio P55-E1 and discovered the plex app that is native to the tv does not support plex live tv. I thought, “oh well, I’ll just cast it from my phone”…. nope, the Plex app on doesn’t support live casting to another device! I was forced to bring out my Nvidia Shield

After I got it all set up, I encountered a message saying ‘weak signal’. I felt defeated, all this work and I can’t even use my tv to view a watchable stream. I decided to take a quick break while my wife played with the tv. I came back to her having adjusted the stream quality to 720p down from 1080 with no delay / pausing whatsoever. Ecstatic, I looked to see if I could set the server side live tv stream to transcode to 720p which I don’t believe is available (If it is I couldn’t find it). Overall, thanks to my wife we’re up and running and we can watch Aaron Rodgers in all his 720p glory!

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