Naskiller 4.0 & HP 290 roadmap

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I have been looking to upgrade my R710 & Supermicro homelab configuration for some time now & decided to approach it with a DIY build. It was the final straw when my Supermicro chassis ran into issues and it was because it was being grounded by some dust.

Well, that’s not good.

On my old system, I had Unifi Controller, Home Assistant, Pihole, some windows 10 VM’s for Plex & media, a few various Linux distros. My first order of business was to migrate the unifi controller off which is currently on my W10 gaming pc. This went fairly smooth with the speed bump being that I imported my site after the default site was created, so now my default site is blank and I have to swap the sites when I go to my controller. I learned there is no way to transfer the default setting besides CLI and I figured I would cross that road when I set up my new server. I shut down the remainder of the VM’s and posted the servers to the internet in an attempt to fund the next project. I stumbled upon a great resource for doing builds at It was on this website where I found the Naskiller 4.0 build guide. I was also very interested in playing with Unraid because I spent too much time messing with FreeNAS and determined that it was very buggy & bloated.

I also went the direction of offloading Plex to a single machine; the machine is an HP 290 to take advantage of the quicksync and NVMe slot.

I plan on doing another post for the actual build, where I will share my spec, but as for now I believe I ordered everything I need. Now it’s just a matter of time before I can get it configured.

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