New Wahoo Tickr X

I came across a news article from Zwift Insider about the new wahoo tickr x. I had the old version of the wahoo tickr x and I lost it. What I assume happened is my son took my tickr x and put it in my trash can without me knowing, but either way I spent a good few months looking for it because at an $80 price tag it’s hard to buy a duplicate. With the release of the new model, (which apparently sends pace information to zwift), it was much easier to bite the bullet; not to mention it was easy to convince my wife because she has helped me look for my other one & knows I’ve really put in the effort (not to mention father’s day is just around the corner!). I plan on doing a full review / possible Youtube video on the device once I get everything set up.
If you’re interested in purchasing the tickr x click here!
If you’re interested in running on Zwift with me, click here!

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