MD1200 Direct Attached Storage & Freenas Device.

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I was able to acquire two MD1200’s locally. I plan on keeping one for myself and selling the other on eBay. This will hopefully fund the purchase of more RAM for my R710. The plan is to load up the 12 drive caddies with WD 8Tb NAS drives which will be slowly accumulated by shucking them out of the best buy easy stores when they go on sale. My R710 is equipped with a H200E raid card flashed to IT mode, which allows it to act as an HBA instead of a hardware raid card. I am planning on spinning up a virtual machine with Freenas 11 as the operating system, and passing through the MD1200 which is connected via sff-8088 cable to the H200E. From here I should be able to create a ZF2 raid with my disks and use for Linux isos.

Update: 11/07/17

I was able to sell one of the MD1200s I purchased. This will enable me to invest it back into RAM or throw the money at some WD Easystores. 

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