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With Christmas rolling around the corner I was told to pick out three movie posters. I had no idea how difficult this task would be.

The first thing I considered was do I want to go for the coolest posters or the posters that I truly enjoyed?

for a trilogy or any multipart movie should I go with the coolest looking poster? or the movie that I enjoyed the most?

Should I go with the laminate or stick without?

When I first went through and started picking my posters, I added the laminate because, with the Green Monday sale that was going on at, everything was 50% off.

Upon seeing my cart price, I noticed they threw on a $30.00 shipping charges, so I decided to go back and cut costs by changing my laminate back to the normal poster. This changed the shipping charge to $5 in the process, bringing the total to $35.00

I ended up going with:

  • The Matrix
  • Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi

The reasoning behind each one is different, however, they are all great movies which is why they ended up on my wall.


Update: 1/6/18

I received the Movie Poster Frames right away and was waiting on to ship out the posters. I got the lord of the rings poster first and decided I would mount that one first. The poster frame was very easy to mount and install the poster & I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in buying. The size I bought was 27 x 40 as that is close to normal size. Because I was just framing the poster and not doing any backlight I got the basic poster paper and didn’t worry about a laminate or anything like that (the frame comes with a laminate anyways).

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