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I recently ran into some issues with a Windows 10 VM and having it being bogged down. The transcoding from Plex was awful for 4k and wasn’t working as I intended, so I segmented the software into each of its own VM. When I did this I lost a few resources, but everything is working perfectly. I split up my W10 VM into four separate Ubuntu 16.04 server VMs.

Software Ram Cpu
Plex 6gb 8
SABnzbd+ 4gb 2
Sonarr 2gb 2
Radarr 2gb 2
FreeNAS 20gb 4

All the VM’s have an NFS share mounted off my FreeNAS 11.1 VM.

I got some 16gb 2×4 12800 ram sticks from Systems Realignment and figured I would document the upgrade.

I powered down all my VM’s on ESXi, put the r710 in maintenance mode, and shut her down. I pulled off the top, along with the ram cover to expose the old ram sticks. I previously had 48gb of ram across 12 sticks, so my ram slot configuration is a little different.

I highlighted the slots where you should install the ram, going forward if I were to add another 4 sticks I would put in A3, B3, then jump to B4, and A4. Once you have the ram sticks installed all you have to do is cover her up & you’re done.

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